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Owned & Operated by gary W. Begner

A screen printer for over 20 years. 

Origins began when we were playing in bands and paying big Monsters to print our shirts for us. Back then, paying a lot for shirts to sell on the road was a big deal, and the rates they charged made the profit on our end minimal. We ended up deciding to do it ourselves... in our apartment(sorry to our landlord for the mess...)


We started printing for other friends, groups, etc.. Fast forward a few years and we had relocated to beautiful London, Ontario. Shirt for Brains is born, and aptly named(based on a phrase my Dad often used to say).


We have grown and tried to keep competitive, all the while continuing our high standard of quality.

Community & Sponsorship

We have always been very active in our community. We have and still do sponsor several sports teams. We are also very proud to provide t-shirt s for the aeolian hall El Sistema children's orchestra program. You can check out their website at

Call Us: 519-318-8564

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